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Translate Phone Numbers to Text and Vice-Versa

Author:Brian Dill  
Show Until:2004-09-19

Translate Text to Numbers

Ever get those 800 numbers as words and hate trying to figure out the numeric translation? Well just type in the word here, and I'll translate it for you.

1) Enter Text 2) Click Translate 3) Results

Translate Numbers to Text

Ever wonder if your phone number spelled anything? Enter your number here, and I will give you every possible combinations of letters for that phone number. Most phone 7-digit phone numbers will result in 2,187 combinations (37), but if your number has 7's or 9's in it the result will be more combinations because 7 and 9 have 4 letters associated with it, while the rest only have 3 letters. If your phone number contains 0's or 1's they will have less combinations because those numbers don't have any letters associated with them.

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