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Honda B750 Nighthawk 1991 - 2003 parts spec sheet

Author:Brian Dill  
Show Until:2007-08-04

This is just for my general reference. It is of little use to you unless you own a 1990's model Nighthawk

Front Tire Size110/80x18 (Dunlop K505) (Bridgestone BT45)
Rear Tire Size140/70x17 (Dunlop K505) (Bridgestone BT45)
Chain525x110 O-ring
Front Sprocket15 Teeth
Rear Sprocket38 Teeth
BatteryYB14A-A2 Yausa site
Maint. Free BatteryYTX14AH-BS
Spark PlugNGK DPR8EA-9
Oil FilterK&N KN-303 or Fram PH6017A froogle

Google docs spreadsheet

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