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Site Design Enhancements Planned

The rust gets scraped after years of neglect

Author:W. Brian Dill  
Show Until:2003-02-01

Data Driven

The first thing that I am doing is making the site more data driven. This way I can update the site more often since it will be much easier to do. I have been a MS programmer for several years now, and I just never really got into PHP and mySQL, but now I'm diving into it, and is pretty fun. It is frustrating at times dealing with the different syntax (PHP vs ASP's VBScript), but I'm coping ok for now. :)

Graphics Redesign

Next, I plan an revamping the header and footer navigation to look a little bit better. I was thinking about making a bar to go all the way accross the screen with some small graphics to spice things up a bit. I welcome any feedback.

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