Holiday Receipes

These have been New Year's Day traditional treats at the Dill household for years, but they are an excellent choice for any special occasion.

Eggs Benedict

Blender hollandaise

Rest of Dish (per serving)

Mix all the ingredients in a blender except the butter. This can be done early, several hours before needed, then all you need to do is melt the butter without boiling but hot, just before serving. Then slowlly add the butter to the blender while slowly blending. As soon as thoroughly blended it is ready to pour on the eggs.

I like to poach eggs the old fashion way with just a little wrinkle. Put the egg into the microwave just enough time to set the white slightly the put it into slightly boiling water and poach to the desired amount. Some like the yellow hard and some don't. Take a small custard sized cup or use a small coffee cup, break the egg without breaking the yellow, punch a small tooth-pich sized hole into the yolk (yellow),place into the microwave about 20 sec., then put it into the boiling water to finish the job. A slotted spoon does a nice job with the egg in the boiling water. If you don't punch the hole int the yellow the egg will explode.

Toast or warm the holland rusks at the last minute, place the bacon or ham, then place the egg and pour the sauce. The eggs can be done before, even the night before. Just keep then in a dish of water and warn them up with warm water. If done the same day just keep them in warm water in the oven. This recipe serves 2-4 persons depending.

Bananas Foster Receipe

Melt brown sugar and butter in flat chafing dish or sauce pan. It needs to be large if more than about 6 people. Add banana and saute until tender. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Pour in banana liquer and rum over all and flame (the boiling bubbles of alcohol will flame -just use a match). Serve over ice cream. 1 serving. Use real butter!