FileName Manager

by W. Brian Dill

FileName Manager Utility

Do you have mp3 files or a digital camera?  If so, then you are like me and have lots of files that you want to manipulate.  FileName Manager lets you do just that!

View the online readme file to find out more about how the product works.

Download FileName Manger   ver. 1.3.1 Now!

  • Append Characters - You can append any custom defined set of characters at the end or the beginning of each file name.
  • Append Incrementing Integers - You can append an incrementing integer at the beginning or end of each file name.  Also, you don't have to start with "1".  You can specify which integer to begin with.
  • Remove Characters - you can remove n number of characters from the beginning or end of each filename.  I added this feature to basically undo either of the previous two functions if you made an error.  CAUTION: be careful when using this feature as it cannot be undone.  I have an "Are You Sure" dialogue box before you can execute this as an added safety measure.
  • Space to Underscore - Often times you don't want spaces in your filenames, such as files that you will be transferring to the internet.  This easy function converts every space in every filename to an underscore character "_".

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